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   5 Elements Qi Gong

   Resting Dragon Awakens Mind

   Combines Mind with Body

   Awakens The Body

     Calms The Mind

   Enlivens The Spirit

1  White Dragon Arousing Mind: Metal element–Lungs & Large Intestine; nose, skin, hair–

   (spinal cord twisting/left and right). Aids resolution of grief/sadness. Promotes courage and letting go.

2 Blue Dragon Breathing Mind: Water element–Kidneys & Urinary Bladder; ears, bones,

   head hair–(spinal cord breathing/forward and backward). Aids in overcoming fear and lack of will.

   Promotes groundedness and calmness.

3  Green dragon Stretching Mind: Wood element–Liver & Gall Bladder; tendons and

   ligaments-(spinal cord stretching / lengthening). Aids resolving anger, guilt, frustration and

   resentment. Promotes patients.

 4 Red Dragon Restraining Mind: Fire element–Heart & Small Intestine; speech/expression,

   pulse-(scapula/tendon stretching – fingers, hands, wrists, elbows, shoulders, chest). Aids reducing

   anxiety or over-excitation. Promotes joy.

5  Yellow Dragon Humbling mind: Earth element–Spleen & Stomach; muscles–

   (opening/strengthening toes, feet, ankles, knees, hip, low back, spine, hamstrings, fascia).

   Aids resolving excess worry, anxiety. Promotes trust/faith, endurance, confidence, empathy,

   concentration and ability to love.


YANG:   Silver Dragon Shakes the Universe: toning of – internal organs, bone, bone marrow,

   muscles, tendons,    ligaments, joints, circulation, lymph, cellular detoxification.


YIN:     Golden Dragon Calms the Universe: sedation, rooting, foundation, centeredness –

   correct    posture,    correct    breathing, a light composure, calms body, mind and spirit.

   For more information please contact Amané Alturk:

Qi Gong Instructor & Natural Medicines Healthcare Practitioner (BSc, Dip)

Specialising in Nutrition, Herbs & Naturopathy using Iridology, Tongue, Pulse & Face diagnosis <o:p>